Nordic Competition Authorities release joint memorandum on digital platforms

As a contribution to the debate on competition enforcement in the digital era and future rules for digital platforms, the Nordic competition authorities have published a joint memorandum setting out the Nordic perspective on issues of competition in digital markets in Europe.

The rise of digital technologies has brought with it great opportunities, but also raised new challenges. This has led to an international debate on how to shape the future legal framework and enhance enforcement to the benefit of consumers.

The Nordic competition authorities wish to contribute to the discussion of the benefits and concerns related to digital platforms and especially to the development of European competition policy.

– The Nordic competition authorities have a strong and longstanding cooperation based on shared values in the region. We highly value the Nordic cooperation and are pleased to make a joint contribution to the current debate, stresses the Head of Competition Division Timo Mattila.

The challenges arising from digital platforms are often inherently cross-border in nature and the Nordic competition authorities therefore stress the importance of international cooperation in the memorandum. A uniform European application of competition rules and the value of conducting transparent and predictable competition enforcement are highlighted.

On the question of new legislative measures, the Nordic competition authorities support the ongoing evaluation at a European level, and this memorandum is a contribution to the discussion of what the future regulatory framework should look like in order to promote competition in digital markets.


Senior Adviser Jarkko Vuorinen, p. 029 505 3790
Principal Economist Antti Saastamoinen, p. 029 505 3264