Price lists given on driving schools’ websites inadequate

The supervisory campaign carried out by the Regional State Administrative Agencies showed that not all driving schools display a price list in accordance with the Price Indication Decree on their websites.  Clearly indicated prices would enable consumers to better compare the different services offered by driving schools.

Enrolling in a driving school is a major financial investment. For this reason, the price of the service is one of the most essential pieces of information that affects consumers’ purchase decisions and financial security. Regional State Administrative Agencies have investigated the degree to which driving schools comply with the obligation to indicate a price list on their websites. Pursuant to the Price Indication Decree, the service provider must display price lists visibly on business premises and websites where business is conducted. The price list must be easy for the consumer to see and, if possible, visible from outside the business premises.

The supervisory campaign was conducted in the spring of 2017 in the areas of all Regional State Administrative Agencies and the Åland Islands. During the campaign, more than four hundred price lists on websites were inspected. The objective of the campaign was to make the services offered by driving schools better comparable and to improve compliance with the price indication regulations. The supervision was based on a model price list drawn up by the Consumer Ombudsman and the Association of Finnish Driving Schools, which shows the information that should be included in the service price list of a driving school.

Primarily, driving schools display their price lists on their websites. However, a significant number of the inspected websites had inadequate pricing information. For instance, the price lists might not show the total price of the driving school service required to complete a category B driving licence or the price of the additional hours of instruction offered.  In addition to this, there was inadequate information on payments to the authorities and the attachments required for a driving licence.

The companies whose price lists were deemed insufficient have been contacted by Regional State Administrative Agencies. If necessary, the companies have also received instructions from the inspectors regarding their obligation to indicate prices.

The Regional State Administrative Agencies and the Consumer Ombudsman will continue supervision related to display of price lists of services as part of their general supervision duties concerning indication of prices.

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