Procedure for consumers who have a claim for compensation to Lumo Energia for termination of a fixed-term contract

The Consumer Advisory Services of the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority (FCCA) has received hundreds of contacts concerning liability for premature termination of Lumo Energia fixed-term contracts. At this point, rather than contacting Consumer Advisory Services, you should follow the instructions presented below.

If you have not submitted a claim for compensation

Submit a complaint/claim for compensation to Lumo Energia without delay. You can submit a claim to the Lumo Energia customer service: and tel. +358 9 4272 0444, Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. The company’s customer service will operate at least until the end of September. Submitting a complaint is important, because compensation will not be paid automatically. If you do not submit a complaint within a reasonable period, you may also lose your right to compensation. If necessary, you can indicate that you will specify the amount of compensation later if the extent of your damages is not yet known. However, be realistic – it is unlikely that you will be fully compensated for all damages.

If you consider Lumo Energia’s compensation offer insufficient

If you receive or have already received a compensation offer from Lumo Energia, you should accept it. This will ensure that you receive at least some compensation. However, if you consider the compensation insufficient, you can also inform Lumo Energia that you are dissatisfied with the amount of compensation and reserve the right to submit additional claims later in the company’s liquidation proceedings. Lumo Energia cannot make the payment of compensation conditional upon you waiving the right to any additional claims – especially if the compensation offered only covers part of your damages. Unfortunately, we are unable to assess the possibilities for you to receive additional compensation at a later time.

Claim for compensation during liquidation proceedings

Lumo Energia has announced that it will most likely seek liquidation during the latter part of this year. We will provide information regarding the start of the liquidation proceedings and instructions on how to submit a claim for compensation on our website at a later date. Actively follow the information provided by the company as well as that provided by the FCCA at and in our social media channels for further information.