Regional State Administrative Agencies to inspect price indication by barbers and hairdressers

The Finnish Regional State Administrative Agencies are embarking on a supervision campaign to inspect if barbers and hairdressers comply with provisions on price indication on their business premises.

Under the price indication decree (553/2013), service providers must have their prices on display on their business premises. The price list must be displayed so that is is easy for consumers to see and, whenever possible, so that consumers can also examine it from outside the premises.

The purpose of the price indication provisions is that consumers can compare the prices of services more easily when they are able to examine the prices without actually entering the premises.

Together with the Finnish Consumer Ombudsman, the Regional State Administrative Offices selected barbers and hairdressers as the target of the supervision campaign because there usually is nothing to prevent these businesses from displaying their prices so that the customer can see them from outside the premises.

The price indication provisions have imposed on companies the requirement of displaying the prices of their services without customers having to request it since 1989. Allowing the customers to examine the price list without entering the premises has been a mandatory requirement since 2000.

The results of the campaign will be disseminated in autumn 2014.