The FCCA will assess the functioning of the taxi market

The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority (FCCA) has sent a survey to taxi entrepreneurs in order to assess the operation of the dispatch centres in particular.

Taxi services were opened to competition when the Act on Transport Services entered into force at the beginning of July. As a result of the change, it became easier to acquire a taxi permit, and companies can more freely set a price for their taxi fares. Alongside the legislative changes, the new contracts tendered out by Kela for arranging taxi services reimbursed from health insurance also entered into force.

Due to the significant changes that have taken place on the taxi service market, the FCCA has decided to gather information on the initial experiences of taxi entrepreneurs. The FCCA will send thousands of taxi entrepreneurs a survey by email in order to assess the functioning of the market. Assessing the functioning of the taxi market is important, as well-functioning competition benefits both the entrepreneurs and consumers, who will have access to better and cheaper services.

Taxi entrepreneurs who have not received the survey by 26 September 2018 can order it by contacting the email address below. The contact details for the survey were obtained from Trafi’s list of tax permit holders and the Finnish Transport Agency’s NAP database.

More information: 
Max Jansson, Senior Research Officer at the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority, tel. +358 29 505 3688