Notice of cancellation

Cancellation period

The cancellation notice must be made within 14 days of receiving the goods or concluding the contract. If the last day of the cancellation period falls on a Saturday or a bank holiday, the consumer may make the cancellation notice on the first weekday following that date.

If the precise arrival date of the cancellation notice is unknown,

  • a cancellation notice sent by post is deemed to have arrived at the company on the seventh day following its dispatch
  • a cancellation notice sent electronically is deemed to have arrived on the day on which it was sent.

It is unnecessary for a consumer to present grounds for using her right of cancellation.
Cancellation right in distance sales

Making a notice of cancellation

An order must be cancelled either by completing a cancellation form or through some other unambiguous method. The goods must be returned within 14 days of the cancellation notice.

The mere return of the goods, or not collecting them from the post is not sufficient. If necessary, the consumer must provide proof that a notice of cancellation has been performed. The consumer also has the right to perform a notice of cancellation before the goods have been delivered to her.

A notice of cancellation can be made:

  • by using a cancellation form provided by the company
  •  by sending a free-form notice, for example by email, or by attaching a notice to the goods to be returned
  • via the company's website, if the company provides such an opportunity. If such an opportunity is available, the consumer has the right to receive, without delay and in a permanent manner, such as by email, confirmation that the company has received the cancellation notice.

Examining and trying out the goods


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