Do you suspect a cartel or another competition restrain? Tip us off

Through these pages you can tip the FCCA off – also anonymously – of a suspicious feature of the market, which may signal a prohibited competition restraint.

The tip-offs on potential competition concerns are useful to the FCCA when it collects information about antitrust activities. The tip-offs are important signals from the market, on the basis of which the agency will commence further investigations where necessary.

If you suspect a cartel, do not disclose to anyone that you have approached the FCCA. It is crucial for the success of the investigations and obtaining of evidence that the suspected undertakings do not know that the FCCA has been tipped.

Tell us if you suspect that:

  • Mutually competing companies have agreed on prices or allocated markets or customers (= a bidding cartel related to public procurements or other)
  • A dominant company abuses its market power
  • A distribution agreement between companies unjustifiably limits competition in the market.

Please note that the tip-off does not open up a case in and of itself. The FCCA does not necessarily reply to the tip-off.

Bringing the matter before the FCCA requires the lodging of a formal complaint.

See instructions on making a complaint.

If you wish, you can also contact the FCCA by phone:
extension +358 29 505 3000.


Updated 17.7.2014 Print