Defective or faulty goods

  • Goods are defective if their type, quantity, properties or packaging do not correspond to what was agreed. Products sold at a discount are subject to the same regulations as normally priced products.

Not every fault or defect is the responsibility of the vendor. Unless otherwise agreed, a product is defective, among other circumstances,

  • when the product is not suitable for its intended use
  • the product does not correspond with the information provided in advance
  • the product's service life is shorter than what could reasonably be expected
  • the product is not packaged in a manner that is appropriate for its preservation or protection
  • the product does not include sufficient instructions for installation and use in both Finnish and Swedish
  • the product fails to meet safety requirements

The vendor is not liable for a defect of which the buyer was aware at the time of purchase. Also the vendor is not liable for defects caused by

  • regular wear and tear of the product or part thereof
  • mishandling of the product
  • failure to comply with instructions for use or maintenance
  • accidents that occur after the product has been delivered to the customer

Liability for defects in second-hand goods
Repairing or replacing defective goodsProof of defect and cost of diagnostics

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