Delays in delivery

Allowing extra time to the provider

If the provision of a product or service is delayed for a reason unrelated to the consumer, the delay constitutes a breach of contract on the part of the provider. In the case of a delay in the provision of a product, the buyer has the right to demand the fulfilment of the agreement, but usually the provider has to be given a reasonable amount of extra time before the purchase can be cancelled completely.

Withholding payment

Payment for goods or services may be delayed if the provision of the goods or services is delayed. If only one part of the delivery or work is delayed, only a part of the payment may be withheld.

The withheld portion of the payment must approximately correspond to the cost of the missing delivery or work, or to the financial losses caused by the delay.

If the delay causes financial losses, the consumer may demand compensation for the costs incurred.
Compensation for damages
Cancellation of purchase


The law does not specify the possibility of demanding a discount due to a delay, but it is worth trying to negotiate one with the provider. The company may prefer to compensate the consumer with a discount on the sale price rather than by cancelling the purchase altogether.

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