Indicating prices

The obligation to show a price and the way in which it should be shown depends greatly on whether the item in question is a product or service and where it is marketed. The price reporting obligation varies between different products and services, and may depend on the sales channel used.

Prices of goods in retail stores and display windows

The sale and unit prices of goods must be displayed in retail stores and in related display windows and online stores.

The price must be indicated on the product or its packaging, separately in the product’s location, in a separate price list, or in another similar manner in the immediate vicinity of the product.

The price must be indicated clearly and itemised so that there is no risk of confusion as to the product or its packaging. The price information must be large and easy enough for the consumer to see.

Service price lists must be visible

The prices applicable to services must be visibly displayed on business premises and on websites where business is conducted. The price list must be easy for the consumer to find and, if possible, must also be visible from outside the business premises.

If the services are also offered or carried out outside of the premises or the website, the price list must be shown on request. This price list requirement applies to the services and financial services defined in the Finnish Provision of Services Act.

The Act in question applies to the following services, among others:

  • driving school services
  • removal and car hire services
  • legal and solicitors’ services
  • travel and tourism services (including travel agencies)
  • real estate and rental agency services
  • sports centre and amusement park services
  • construction services
  • equipment installation and maintenance services
  • hospitality, restaurant and catering services
  • educational services
  • vehicle inspection services
  • cleaning services
  • veterinary services
  • hairdressing services

Price indications in distance selling

In distance selling, consumers must, in good time prior to the sales contract being finalised, be provided with information at least on the price of the product service, the delivery charges, the payment terms and any charges arising from the use of a telecommunications device.

Distance selling refers to telephone, mail order and online sales conducted entirely by email, telephone or other communication devices. Some of the rules that apply to distance selling differ from those applicable to ordinary sales and purchases.

Price indications for flights, real estate, telecommunication services, etc.

Certain special legislation that differs from the general regulations applicable to price indications applies to the indication of prices related to flights, package tours, real estate properties, payment services, taxi services, tobacco, alcohol and electronic communication services, among others.

Prices applicable to fixed-term services

In marketing a contract for a fixed term, the price must be indicated for the entire contract period (e.g. 12 months). At the same time, information on the fixed-term nature of the contract and on the payment terms (e.g. monthly payments) must be provided.

 Price estimate

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