Loss of a payment card

The loss of a payment card must be reported immediately

The cardholder must report the loss of a card without undue delay. Instructions and a telephone number can be found i.a. in the terms of using the card. It is advisable to store the telephone number in a mobile phone, for instance. After a report is made, the card must not be used even if it is found.

The cardholder's responsibility when a card is lost

A payment card must be used and stored responsibly. The card and its PIN number must not be kept in the same place - e.g. a wallet. The card must also not be passed on to another person. In addition, the cardholder must regularly make sure that the card is not missing.

The responsibility of the cardholder for the use of the card generally ends when the consumer has made a report of the disappearance of the card or of unauthorised use of the card to the granter of credit or to a party stipulated by the granter of credit.

The consumer can be held responsible for the disappearance, theft, or misuse of a card if he or she

  • has acted carelessly
  • has allowed an outsider to use the card
  • delays in reporting the loss of the card

If the cardholder exercises care, he or she will not be held responsible for the unauthorised use of the card. Even mild lack of care on the part of the cardholder results in liability limited to EUR 150. If the cardholder is seen to have acted deliberately or with aggravated negligence, he or she will bear full liability.

If the recipient of payment has not properly ascertained the right of the payer to use the card, the cardholder can be absolved of responsibility.

More information from the Finnish Financial Ombudsman Bureau (FINE)

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