Travel organiser

The travel organiser that sold you the travel package is responsible for all aspects of your booking. When payments are collected from travellers in advance*, a security is required . If the travel package is paid for in full after the trip and does not include transport, the travel organiser is not obliged to deposit a security.

*Advance payments are booking fees collected from travellers and final payments, including the remittances paid by the travel organiser to their subcontractors, collected before departure.

Retailers for travel organisers established outside of Finland

A retailer for a travel organiser established outside Finland sells travel packages arranged by and on behalf of its foreign principal.

Incoming activities

Incoming activities, i.e. trips to Finland, do not require registration in the register of package travel companies. The business in this case must be organised in such a way that bookings are made and trips in their entirety are sold in the foreign country of origin.