Register of package travel agencies

Use register to ensure travel agency's reliability

Before purchasing a package travel product, it is always a good idea to make sure that the agency you are thinking of using is entered in the register of package travel agencies maintained by the Competition and Consumer Authority.

A check of the register of package travel agencies also provides you with information on what security the agency has lodged as collateral against advance payments made by customers.

Using the register

Enter the name of the package travel agency in the search field below and click "Search". If you don’t know the full name of the agency, you can also do a search by entering a partial name. The search tool will match your query with both official names and auxiliary business names of travel agencies as entered in the register.

Leave the search field empty and click "Search" to display the entire register. Put the search term in quotation marks if you wish to search a exact name, for example, "tour xyz".

Symbols used in the register

  The package travel agency's status is OK.
  The agency's status is not completely OK. Customers should find out more about the agency's status before committing to buy a travel package from them.

Search package travel agency

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