Air passenger rights

These pages provide you with instructions on what to do in the following situations if

  • the flight has been cancelled or delayed
  • you have been denied boarding
  • the travel class has changed
  • luggage is delayed, lost or damaged

We also provide guidance for companies on how to file a complaint and we also give information about the rights of passengers with a disability or reduced mobility on flights.

NB. If your flight was part of a package tour,

  • you may claim compensation in situations where a flight is cancelled, delayed or you are denied boarding in the same manner as for scheduled flights booked independently. If you claim compensation on the basis of these rights under the EC Regulation, the claim must be submitted to the airline that operated the flight.
  • In addition, are protected in relation to the tour provider by the Package Travel Act and the terms and conditions of the package tour, in other words, you can claim a price reduction for the delay or other problems with the package tour.
    Package tour
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