Package tour

These pages provide the buyer of a package tour with information about purchasing a trip and guidelines for any problems that may arise.
A package tour is usually a combination of travel services bought as a package. A package tour consists of, for example, a

  • flight & hotel
  • hotel & travel service, such as a formula ticket, diving course or car hire
  • package tour tailored to the traveller's wishes, retailed by a travel agency

In the case of a package tour, the traveller is protected under general package tour terms and conditions from the moment of purchase until the end of the journey. The tour operator is responsible for services included in the trip, such as transportation and accommodation.

If there are deficiencies in travel other that than that relating to a package tour, complaints should be made to the company responsible for the trip. Passenger rights in public transport depend on the means of transport or mode of travel.

Check register to ensure travel agency's reliability

A package tour is usually paid for in advance, therefore, before purchasing a package travel product it is a good idea to confirm the travel agency's reliability in the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority's register of package travel companies.

The travel agency must inform the traveller whether the product is a package tour or not. You can recognise whether a product is a package tour from the package tour logo used in travel documentation.

Tour operator is responsible for entire "package"

The tour operators is always responsible for the entire package tour pursuant to the contract Liability cannot be transferred to subcontractors such as a transport company, an accommodation establishment or another travel agency required for putting together a package tour.

  • When payments are collected from consumers in advance, a security is required for the activity.
  • If package tours are paid after the trip, the tour operator may be exempted from the security requirement.

A retailer always operates on behalf of a tour operator entered in the register of package travel companies. If a retailer offers package tours on their own account, the retailer must register as a tour operator. Selling on own account, i.e. organising a trip, is also an activity in which components of a package tour to be sold, such as accommodation, transport service or other travel service, are subcontracted from a tour operator.

The sale of gift cards entitling one to the purchase of a package tour likewise requires registration as a tour operator.

The retailer of a foreign tour operator retails the trips of their foreign principal in Finland. With respect to the provision of a security, the difference lies in whether the foreign principal is based in an EEA country or in some other state, for example, in Russia or China.

If a company sells or offers air transport under its own name without the permission of the carrier, it must register in the register of package travel companies. The provision of seat only options for charter or holiday flights is considered comparable with the organisation of tours.

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