What to do if your travel agency goes bankrupt

If you are already travelling

Contact the tour guide. If there is no tour guide, contact the Finnish Consulate. As an EU citizen you also have the right to be assisted by a diplomat or consul from another EU Member State. You may also contact the Finnish Consumer and Competition Authority during office hours (8 am–4:15 pm).

In bankruptcy cases, you must always as a first option use the return transport arranged by the Consumer and Competition Authority.

In the case of bankruptcy, follow the information provided on the Consumer and Competition Authority’s website, on social media and on TV and radio news.

If you have not yet departed

If your holiday has not yet started but you have paid for it (or have a gift voucher entitling you to the package holiday), wait for instructions provided through the media by the Consumer and Competition Authority. If you bought your tour or holiday from an agent, the agent will be the one to reimburse you, unless the agent has already transferred the money to the tour operator.

When a travel agency goes bankrupt or becomes insolvent, travellers may be entitled to compensation for loss of service. The way in which you apply for compensation depends on how you paid for the tour or holiday.

If you paid by credit card, contact your credit card company. They will provide you with instructions for making a compensation claim.

If you paid in cash, apply for compensation from the Consumer and Competition Authority. In the case of package holidays or tours, travellers are entitled to a reimbursement of the payments they have made.

Updated 10.10.2014 Print