Losing your payment card

If you lose your payment card, report it to the bank or credit card company that issued the card without delay. If you have acted with care, have not let someone else use the card and have reported the loss without delay, you are not liable for any unauthorised use of the card.

Report the loss or misuse of your card straight away

When you realise that you have lost your card, report the loss without undue delay. You can find the instructions and the telephone number in, for example, the terms and conditions of the card. You should save the telephone number on your mobile phone.

When you have reported the card as lost, you must not use it even if you find it again.

Do not keep your card and its PIN together, for example in your wallet. You should also not let anyone else use the card. Check regularly that your card is safe.

Who is liable for the losses if my card is misused?

You may be liable for the loss, theft, or misuse of your card if you were careless, let someone else use the card, or did not report the loss or misuse without delay.

If you have acted with care, you are not liable for unauthorised use of your card. However, even mild lack of care will result in you being liable. This liability is limited to EUR 50. If you are found to have acted deliberately or with gross negligence, you will bear full liability.

For example, your liability for the unauthorised use of your credit card usually ends when you have reported the loss or misuse of the card to the credit card company or the party that the company have instructed you to inform.

If your card has been used without authorisation and you are not liable, the bank must return the unauthorised payment to your account immediately and at the latest on the next business day after it discovered the payment transaction or was informed of it.

Withdrawal and payment limits reduce financial losses

Withdrawal and payment limits may prevent larger financial losses if your card is stolen or ends up otherwise in the wrong hands. Withdrawal and payment limits can be set and adjusted through your bank.

You can also set geographical limitations for the use of the payment card and only allow online payments as your personal needs require.