Reporting inappropriate marketing or false advertising

If you saw an inappropriate advertisement, you can provide feedback to the company. Giving feedback to a company is often the most effective way to get it to change its practices. A responsible company listens to its customers, which is why giving feedback pays off.

  • Use one of the following methods to give feedback:

    • call the company’s customer service or contact them through any other customer service channel the company may offer
    • fill in a feedback form on the company’s website
    • send the company a freely worded e-mail or letter.

    You can also give feedback to the advertising medium, such as a magazine or television channel.

    Use the ready-made form

    You can give your feedback using a ready-made form. First download the form to your computer, then fill it out and send it to the company.

    Feedback on marketing for a company, template form (pdf)

    Feedback on marketing for a company, template form (Word)

  • Was the product on a special offer sold out in the middle of the campaign, or did the advertisement contain incorrect information? File a complaint with the company as soon as possible after you notice the problem.

    To make any disputes as easy as possible to resolve, you should make your claim in writing, for example using e-mail. This way, you will have a copy of the message and the response you receive, and you can later send them to the Consumer Advisory Services so that the issue can be investigated. You can also use the ready-made form above.

  • Consumer Advice Telephone Service

    Service time Monday–Wednesday and Friday 9 am – noon, Thursday noon – 3 pm.

    09 5110 1200 (only in Finnish)
  • Submit a report to the Consumer Ombudsman

    You can report inappropriate marketing to the Consumer Ombudsman, who supervises the legality of marketing. You can submit a report without giving your name. Please note that you will not get a personal reply. All reports will be reviewed and filed in the FCCA’s information system.

    Other authorities supervising marketing

    Marketing of tobacco and alcohol products

    The National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health Valvira and the Regional State Administrative Agencies supervise the marketing of tobacco and alcohol products. 

    Marketing of foods

    The Finnish Food Authority supervises the marketing and quality of foodstuffs and monitors plant and animal health. 

    Municipal food control authorities inspect and supervise package labelling, among other things. You can ask the health inspector questions about foodstuffs, give feedback and complain about labelling and similar problems. 

    Marketing of pharmaceuticals

    The Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea supervises the marketing of pharmaceuticals in compliance with the standards laid down in the Medicines Act and Decree. 

    Safety of products and services

    The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) supervises the safety and reliability of products and services.  

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