Telephone and internet subscriptions, postal and parcel services

Telephone and internet subscriptions are essential services that everyone has the right to.

When buying a phone or internet subscription, the operator must tell you about the main features of the subscription, price and duration of the contract.

Your operator may only change your ongoing telephone or internet subscription contract, if there is a legal basis for the change.

You can switch operators even if you have a fixed-term subscription contract, only pay the fees for your old subscription until the end of the contract period.

Telephone or internet subscriptions may be ongoing or fixed-term contracts. They differ from each other in how you can terminate the contract.

If the telephone or internet connection is not available for your use on the agreed start date, the operator's delivery has been delayed.

There is a defect if the quality or delivery method of the connection are not as agreed, or the service does not match the information provided in marketing.

If there is an error in the invoice or a defect in your purchase, you can complain not only to the vendor or service provider but also to the operator.

If the operator offers you a service bundle they must tell you clearly about the additional product's features, contract duration and the price.

If you have problems related to the delivery of a letter or a parcel, you may have the right to compensation as the recipient or sender.  

Newspaper and magazine subscriptions are often fixed-term contracts. Read the terms and conditions carefully before you subscribe.