Duration and termination of a subscription

Telephone or internet subscriptions may be ongoing or fixed-term contracts. They differ from each other in how you can terminate the contract. If you are switching phone or internet subscriptions, check if your current subscription is an ongoing or fixed-term contract.

You can terminate an ongoing contract any time you like

To find out the type of your subscription, check your order confirmation, the contract summary or your subscription’s administration service, for example on the operator’s website or in a mobile app.

An on-going subscription contract is valid until it is terminated. You can terminate an ongoing subscription contract any time you like, and it will end after the period of notice specified in the contract. The period of notice may not be longer than two weeks. This means that you will still have to pay the bills for your old subscription for this period.

You can usually agree with the operator on the end date of the contract and the schedule for transferring your telephone number to another network.

You can terminate the subscription orally or in writing. The operator must send you a written acknowledgement of the termination.

You cannot terminate a fixed-term contract during the contract period

A fixed-term subscription contract is valid for the period set down in the contract, and you cannot usually terminate it until the contract period ends. You have the right to transfer your phone number to another operator even if you have a fixed-term subscription. However, in this case you usually have to pay the fees for the old subscription until the end of the contract period.

Under the law, the duration of a fixed-term contract cannot be more than 24 months for an internet subscription and 12 months for a telephone subscription.

A fixed-term subscription contract usually continues automatically as an ongoing contract when the contract period ends, unless you have agreed otherwise with the operator. In these situations, the operator must tell you about the fact that the contract

  • continues automatically
  • explain how you can terminate the contract,
  • and give you advice about how to obtain a lower price before the period ends.

If a fixed-term contract continues automatically after the end of the contract period, the contract can be terminated in the same way as any subscription contract valid until further notice. This means a period of notice of two weeks.

If the operator wishes to continue your fixed-term contract with another fixed-term contract, you must agree to this in writing. When a new fixed-term subscription contract is concluded, the operator must comply with the normal requirements for making a contract.

You should also note that ongoing subscription contracts may include campaign prices, price benefits or promotional offers that are valid for a certain period. This means that you get them for a certain price for 12 or 24 months, for example, but the subscription is still valid until further notice. These contracts can be terminated with a period of notice that may not be longer than two weeks, also while the campaign offer is valid, the same as other ongoing subscriptions.

However, you can terminate a fixed-term subscription during the contract period with two weeks’ notice

  • if you have unexpected payment difficulties due to illness, unemployment or other reason your cannot control.
  • if keeping the contract in force is unreasonable for some other specific reason. A situation of this type may, for example, occur if you move abroad or to an area where using the same service is not possible.  You may also be able to terminate the contract if your housing company has concluded a contract on a building-specific broadband subscription, which means that you no longer need your personal internet subscription.

If you have the right to terminate your fixed-term subscription for one of these reasons, the operator may only invoice you for the subscription fees until the time when the contract ends.

You can terminate the subscription contract either verbally or in writing. The operator must send you a written acknowledgement of the termination.

If the connection provided for you has an essential defect, you may demand that your subscription contract is cancelled (terminated before the end date), regardless of whether you have a fixed-term or ongoing contract.