Filing a complaint about a bus and coach transport

If there were defects in your bus or coach journey or you are not satisfied with the care or compensation you got, first contact the carrier in question. You usually must file a complaint within a reasonable time of having noticed the defect, which is why you should make your complaint as soon as possible.

1. First file a complaint with the carrier

When the scheduled distance of the service is 250 kilometres or more, the passenger has the right to cancellation or re-routing and care, regardless of their intended travel distance on this service. If there is a problem, first ask a carrier to take care of your rights. If the carrier does not offer the agreed services or compensation and those required by law, file a written complaint with the carrier as soon as possible. The carrier has a duty to tell you about your rights if your bus or coach journey is cancelled or delayed.

Instructions for filing a complaint

• File the complaint in writing. The complaint should be filed as soon as possible and within three months of the date of your journey.
• The complaint must clearly indicate who is filing the complaint and with whom as well as the journey concerned and reasons for submitting the complaint. You should explain what your demands are and what they are based on.
• If you wish, you can use the Complaint Assistant to help you with the complaint. You can use the Assistant in Finnish, Swedish and English.
• Save and keep a copy of your complaint.
• In the event of a delay or cancellation, covered by the EU regulation, the carrier must inform you within one month of receiving your complaint whether the complaint is approved, rejected, or is still being considered.
• The final answer must be issued within three months from receipt of the complaint pertaining to a delay or cancellation.

2. Contact the Consumer Advisory Services or the European Consumer Centre

If your complaint does not produce the result you hoped for, contact the Consumer Advisory Services or the European Consumer Centre. To access guidance, select the most suitable option:

3. Take your claim to the Consumer Disputes Board or report a violation of the law to the authorities

If a carrier violates your rights as a passenger, you can file a complaint with the relevant enforcement authority. Each EU country has an authority that enforces passenger rights under the EU Regulation.

If your bus or coach journey took place in another EU-country, send the complaint to the authority of the country where the incident occurred. You should file your complaint in English or in the language of the Member State in question.

The supervisory authorities in Finland are the Consumer Ombudsman within the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority and the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom.

Package travel

In the case of charter bus service included in the package holiday, you can claim compensation for a defect in the package from the travel organizer.