Innoros Oy declared bankrupt – Instructions to consumers on how to seek compensation

Innoros Oy, a company selling air-source heat pumps and barbecue huts under the auxiliary name Ultimate Market, was declared bankrupt on 25 November 2015. Innoros Oy has been financing its operations with advance payments received from customers, and with accounts payable. The Consumer Ombudsman suspects that it is unlikely that there is sufficient collateral to cover all advance payments, which means several consumers may never receive the goods they have ordered, or their money back.

  • The bankruptcy estate of Innoros Oy has asked all customers to contact them at  and provide the following information: customer’s name, the product ordered, the amount paid, postal address, e-mail address and telephone number. Customers with no access to e-mail are advised to send the information by letter to Innoros Oy, Voivalantie 21, 20780 Kaarina. E-mail is the preferred method. If neither method of communication is feasible, customers may contact the estate administrator by telephone (Janne Röytiö, Asianajotoimisto Heikkilä & Co , tel. +358 10 289 9400).
  • If you used a credit card or other type of credit to pay for the goods, please contact the credit provider. You are entitled to refuse to pay the bill. If you have already paid the bill, you are entitled to a refund from the credit provider that financed the transaction.
  • If you used other method of payment, such as cash, contact the estate administrator as advised above.

You can also contact Consumer Advisory Service for advice.

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