The Complaint templates service helps consumers to draw up complaints to companies

The Consumer Advisory Service provides consumers with free advice on a range of problems related to companies and service vendors. The Complaint templates service has been activated on the Consumer Advisory Service’s website. This service provides consumers with guidance on making complaints to companies. The service can be used to draw up a complaint which the consumer can save for safekeeping and send to the company. The Complaint templates service and the Consumer Advisory Service website provide assistance, on a self-service basis, with a number of the most common problems. 

With the Complaint templates service, consumers can obtain direct help with individual problems or disputes with companies or service vendors. The Complaint templates service covers a wide range of issues and the most common consumer problems – examples include faulty furniture, the result of a renovation, debt collection or a complaint about a car purchase. The Complaint templates service also provides information on consumer rights.

The Complaint templates service can be found at It also has a direct address The service is part of the website of the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority

The idea is to encourage as many people as possible to complain to the company in question and attempt to settle the matter directly, before contacting the Consumer Advisory Service. Self-service is intended as a way of managing the comparatively large customer flows using the Consumer Advisory Service in a more efficient and customer-oriented manner. This should improve the availability of personal consumer advice via the service. Advice received will also be better targeted after the consumer has already drawn up a complaint to the company by using the Complaint templates service, or has used the various theme-based instructions available online.

The Consumer Advisory Service serves the public via several channels

  • Service via the Consumer Advisory Services call service, or the online form.
  • Complaint templates service The Complaint templates service, which is the latest addition to our service package, was activated for trial use during the summer of 2016 and has now been officially launched. The Complaint templates service can be found here and from various locations on the Consumer Advisory Service website. The service can be used in Swedish, Finnish and English. We will continue to develop the Complaint templates service on the basis of feedback received in 2017.
  • The Facebook page of the Consumer Advisory Service provides topical information on consumer rights and obligations, and general guidance on resolving problems between consumers and companies.

The Consumer Advisory Service will advertise its services and the Complaint templates service on Facebook via the Älä turhaan hiilly. Kuluttajaneuvonta auttaa (Dont get steamed up needlessly – the Consumer Advisory Service can help) campaign during the last week of the year, after Christmas. The services of the Consumer Advisory Service are provided by the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority and consumer advisers in local register offices.