Travel restrictions were alleviated — cost-free cancellation no longer applicable to all countries

The government has mitigated the corona-related travel restrictions, enabling travel to Norway, Denmark, Iceland and the Baltic States starting from 15 June. The right to cancel travel packages cost-free no longer applies to travel to these countries. It is advisable to check the terms and conditions for changes or cancellations when booking a trip.

Last week, the government decided on the partial extension of internal border control and the restriction of external border traffic until 14 July 2020. Restrictions on travel to nearby countries will be lifted so people can travel to Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania from 15 June. This means that the right to cancel travel packages cost-free is not valid for these countries.

However, the right to cancel a trip cost-free to other countries remains in effect, as the Ministry for Foreign Affairs continues to recommend avoiding travel to countries other than Norway, Denmark, Iceland and the Baltic States. The right to cancel trips is based on the Travel Package Act.

Travel restrictions may be reduced during the summer if the state of the epidemic permits. Now, when buying a trip, it is recommended to check what terms and conditions on change or cancellation apply to the trip.

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