FAQ about coronavirus: travel and public transport

Updated in English on 6 April 2021

The corona situation raises many questions and concerns among consumers. The FCCA is closely monitoring the situation and is now answering to the current questions about travel and public transport received by Consumer Advisory Services.

Follow the company’s instructions. If the matter is not urgent, you should wait in peace. Many matters can be resolved afterwards.

f you need personal instructions, contact the Consumer Advisory Services. If you have reserved flights, travel packages, accommodation or tickets to events from companies whose  place of business is not in Finland but in another EU country, Norway, Iceland or the United Kingdom, you will find information on the current situation from the point of view of consumer rights in English on the Commission’s website. Answers given by the European Consumer Centre to questions that are frequently asked during the coronavirus epidemic have been compiled on the website. You can also contact the European Consumer Centre’s office in Finland for more advice.

The European Commission has launched Re-open EU, a web platform to support a safe relaunch of travelling and tourism across Europe on 15th June 2020.

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Vaccination and coronavirus test certificates and face masks when travelling abroad 

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