Report a cartel or other restriction of competition

Tips on restrictions on competition are valuable when the FCCA monitors the functioning of markets and competition. With the help of these tips, the FCCA can begin an investigation into suspected competition restrictions. A tip as well as any additional clarifications requested by the FCCA may also be sent anonymously.

Use the link below to send a tip on, e.g., the following:

  • companies in competition with each other have agreed on prices or shared markets and customers amongst themselves
  • a company holding a dominant market position is abusing its market power
  • a delivery or distribution agreement unduly restricts competition
  • an industry association is recommending minimum prices or price increases to its members
  • business activities by the public sector cause problems with competitive neutrality.

If you submit your tip using a tip form, you can either include your contact information or remain anonymous. If you choose to remain anonymous, tick the box next to “I want to remain anonymous” on the tip form. You will receive an anonymous link through which the FCCA can contact you, if necessary, without revealing your identity.

If you wish, you can also contact the agency by phone:

  • switchboard +358 29 505 3000 (local landline charge, mobile network charge).

Processing of tips by the FCCA

Tips sent to the Authority are important messages about the functioning of various markets. Tip-offs may lead to further investigation by the Authority where necessary. The FCCA does not respond to every tip that it receives; instead, it assesses tips on a case-by-case basis and decides whether to launch a more detailed investigation. The FCCA may also begin an investigation after a longer period of time when several tips have accumulated on a particular topic.

Please note that a tip that you send to the Authority will not, as such, lead to the initiation of a case. A request for action must be made in order for the case to be initiated at the agency. Guidelines for filing a request for action.

A tip sent to the agency cannot be used to report a company’s own participation in a cartel or to apply for leniency. Guidelines for an undertaking wishing to leave a cartel.