Leisure events

The right to change or return tickets to leisure events does not apply automatically and depends on the contract terms. If the event is cancelled, you have the right to get the ticket price back. When a performer at a festival is cancelled, you may have a right to compensation if the festival content changes significantly compared to the information provided in advance marketing. 

Right to return tickets to events

You normally have the right to cancel a contract made through distance sales, including telemarketing or online sales, within 14 days. However, this right does not apply to a leisure event scheduled for a specific date and time. In some cases the right to cancel may be included in the contract terms of these services. Consequently, you cannot return tickets to a concert, theatre performance or sports event, for example, unless this is specifically stated in the contract terms.

Cancellation or postponement of an event

If an event is cancelled or its date and time are changed, you have the right to get the ticket price back. This right applies even if the cancellation or postponement is due to a reason which the event organiser cannot control.

Alternatively, you can negotiate with the event organiser on the possibility of using the ticket you purchased to an event in other ways at a later date.



The obligation to refund you may apply to either the ticket agent or the event organiser. If the agent has already remitted the ticket revenue to the event organiser, the organiser is responsible for refunding the ticket price. In this case, too, the agent often handles the refund. If you paid for your ticket with a credit card, you may also demand a refund from the credit card company.

If you purchased your tickets through an agent, you normally do not have the right to recover the shipping and service fees charged for them even if the event is cancelled. In order for this rule to apply, the company selling the tickets must have stated that they only operate as a ticket agent and informed consumers of the delivery costs and service charges in advance. However, no additional fees may be charged for refunding the ticket price.


Follow these steps if you are not satisfied with the compensation offered to you 

Cancellation of a festival performer

A festival organiser has an obligation to inform ticket holders effectively of any changes. While concerts typically are services prone to cancellations and changes, the organiser cannot be released from their liability simply by reserving the right to changes in advance.

The possibility of compensation is assessed based on how the festival has been marketed, how much the cancellation of the artist affects the festival as a whole, and why the cancellation has taken place. If the content of the festival changes significantly compared to the marketing information, you may have a right to a reduction on the ticket price. Changes that are minor when considering the festival as a whole do not give you the right to compensation.


Defects in event organisation

In addition to the announced performers, other aspects of event organisation must be as agreed. The consumer can claim compensation if, for example, their seat is downgraded.

The content and quality of concerts and theatre performances, for example, may vary depending on the performer(s) and performances. The consumer must be prepared for quality deviations, and the performance is not defective just because it did not meet the consumer’s expectations.

A ticket agent is only responsible for performing their task of selling tickets professionally and carefully, not for the event arrangements.


Follow these steps if the arrangements of an event differed significantly from what was agreed  

  • First negotiate on possible compensation with the event organiser.