Filing a complaint

The travel organiser is responsible for the services that constitute the package, such as transport and accommodation. You should report any defects without delay, preferably during the trip, so that the organiser can address the defects.

Report defects as soon as possible

Defects in a travel package should be reported to the organiser in the first instance. Alternatively, you can report defects to an travel agent, and they must pass the information to the organiser without undue delay.

You should report defects to the organiser without undue delay so that the organiser has the opportunity to remedy it. If you wait until after your holiday to report a defect which could have been remedied before or during the trip, you may lose your right to a price reduction or compensation.

Claiming a refund

When filing a complaint, you should specify the issue for which you are making a claim. You should also clearly state what your demand is. The travel organiser must compensate the passenger traveller without undue delay.

Defects can be reported verbally or in writing, but the traveller must be able to demonstrate having reported the defect.

The traveller is not obliged to accept a voucher or a discount on a new booking as compensation.

You can use the claim templates of the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority to make a complaint.

In case of problems, contact the Consumer Advisory Services or the European Consumer Centre

If the travel service was purchased from an organizer or travel agent based in Finland, contact the Consumer Advisory Services for free guidance and mediation help in the event of a dispute.

If you have a problem related to a travel package you purchased in another EU country, Norway or Iceland, you can contact the European Consumer Centre, which assists consumers in cross-border consumer disputes within the EU.