The organiser’s duty to assist

If you become ill, suffer an accident, become a victim of crime or encounter other serious problems during your holiday, the organiser has a duty to assist you. The organiser’s obligation to assist is mandatory.

Traveller’s right to assistance

The travel organiser must assist a traveller in difficulty without undue delay.

The organiser must, for example,

  • provide information on health services, local authorities and consular services
  • provide the traveller with a distance communication facility such as e-mail or telephone
  • assist the traveller in making alternative travel arrangements, taking into account that the traveller will pay the costs of the new arrangements (e.g. new hotel and/or transport bookings)
  • provide other assistance as appropriate.

The organiser may charge a reasonable fee for the assistance if the difficulty is caused intentionally by the traveller or through traveller’s negligence. The fee cannot exceed the actual costs incurred from providing assistance.

The traveller is entitled to compensation if the organiser neglects its obligation to provide assistance.