Travel organisers

Instructions for travel organisers

The task of the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority (FCCA) is to secure the claims of travellers if the travel organiser becomes insolvent. This is why the FCCA must continuously monitor the adequacy of securities lodged by traders. In addition, the FCCA monitors the quality of the operations and invoicing practice of registered traders and the scope of their activities.

Travel organisers must deposit a security which makes it possible for passengers to get back an advance payment they made for a travel package.

This is how you register with the Travel Guarantee Register.

The security is used to refund to passengers the price of the travel packages if the organiser goes bankrupt.

The financial institution submits the security required of the organiser to the FCCA. The security may be either a guarantee or a pledge.

Registered travel organisers must report regularly to the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority (FCCA).

The FCCA charges an annual supervision and insolvency protection fee to all organisers entered in the Travel Guarantee Register.

The service advises travel organisers in questions related to registration, reporting, or securities.

The scope of the Act on Travel Service Combinations does not include travel packages offered to a limited group of travellers, occasionally and not for profit.