Consumer’s right to reimbursement

The consumer has the right to a monetary or other financial reimbursement if the trader’s marketing or conduct in the customer relationship has violated the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act and influenced the consumer’s decision to buy a product or to not switch to another service provider.

Reimbursement may be possible if the trader has, for example:

  • failed to provide material information on the product in its marketing
  • marketed the product in a misleading or false manner
  • provided financially unfavourable information about the contract
  • provided the debtor with false information about their rights or threatened them with collection measures that the creditor is not entitled to take.

The consumer may claim reimbursement in the form of a price reduction or cancellation of the sale as well as compensation for damage in the following situations:

Right to a price reduction

A price reduction may be possible if, for example, incomplete information causes the consumer to purchase a product that they would not have purchased with adequate information.

The amount of the price reduction is determined on a case-by-case basis. The price reduction must be reasonable in relation to the trader’s conduct. That is to say, the amount of the price reduction is affected by, for example, how reprehensibly the trader has acted.

The right to a price reduction does not require that the trader has acted intentionally or negligently in violation of the law.

Right to cancel a sale

The consumer may demand the cancellation of the sale if, for example:

  • an error occurs in the product despite the seller attempting to correct the same error before
  • the supplying of the service is significantly delayed.

Right to compensation for damage

The right to compensation for damage requires that the trader has intentionally or negligently caused damage to the consumer.

The damage caused to the consumer may consist of, for example, compensation for travel expenses incurred by the consumer in a situation where the advertised goods were not available in the store.

Compensation for damage cannot be claimed due to hurt feelings.