Customer loyalty programmes

The prerequisites for obtaining benefits must be explained in the marketing of customer loyalty programmes. Customer loyalty benefits must not predominate the marketing of goods and services targeted at all consumers.

When a company markets customer loyalty programme agreements, the company must inform you of the prerequisites for obtaining benefits. The company must indicate in its marketing, for example, the possible starting fee and whether the customer loyalty programme requires the processing of your personal data.

Additionally, the company must explain how and where you can view the full information about the customer loyalty programme agreement.

Customer loyalty benefits must not predominate the marketing targeted at all customers

It is misleading if the company markets a benefit available to all customers as a customer loyalty benefit.

Customer loyalty benefits must also not predominate the marketing of goods and services targeted at all consumers. The customer loyalty price can only be dominant in marketing if the marketing is targeted only at members of their customers loyalty programme.

The general sale price is the primary indicative price

The general price charged for the product is the primary indicative price that the company provides to consumers. The company must present the general sale price in its marketing so that it has at least the same attention value as the customer loyalty price.

The company must not offer customers paying with credit better customer loyalty benefits than those who pay with cash.

Customer loyalty price and rebate

A rebate means a monetary or other form of refund that is tied to a purchase transaction. A company can pay the rebate in the form of money, voucher or goods.

The rebate must not predominate the marketing and the company must not give a misleading picture of it. If the company makes precise claims about the amount of the compensation, it must also state the conditions for receiving the compensation. The company can also explain the rebate by providing a typical example.

Partners’ information on prices

Sometimes the customer loyalty programme includes additional benefits from partners, in which case you will also enter into a service agreement with another company.

If the company uses partners in its customer loyalty programme marketing, the company must also provide sufficient and clear information on the prices of these services.