Defect in a service

If a service you purchased is defective, you can contact your service provider to have the defect rectified.

Follow our instructions to resolve your problem concerning a defect in a service.
For example, you can find out:

  • about the general principles of consumer protection when a service is not as agreed.
  • who is liable for a defect in a service.
  • when a defect in a service gives you the right to cancellation of the contract, a price reduction or other compensation under the Consumer Protection Act.

The instructions cover such as the following situations:

  • the repair or service of a domestic appliance, computer or phone fails
  • the quality of renovation or construction work is not as agreed
  • installation, cleaning, sewing, shoe repair, upholstery or other work you have ordered is not performed with sufficient skill and care
  • the outcome of the work you ordered does not match the information provided about it in advance.