A defect in a product

The regulations concerning liability for lack of conformity in the Consumer Protection Act changed in the beginning of 2022.

If a product you purchased has a defect, you can ask the vendor as your contracting party to rectify it. You can complain to the vendor about a defect in the product, for example if the product is incomplete, does not work properly, has a shorter than expected service life, does not match the information provided about it, or is not suitable for its intended purpose.

Follow our instructions to resolve your problem with a product that is defective or has shortcomings.

For example, you can find out:

  • about the general principles of consumer protection when a purchase has a defect or a fault.
  • if the vendor, importer and manufacturer are responsible for a defective product under product liability or warranty.
  • when you can demand cancellation of the sale, a price reduction or other compensation under the Consumer Protection Act.

The instructions cover such as the following situations:

  • The features of a domestic appliance or garment do not match the information given about them.
  • the product (including a television, computer, telephone, piece of furniture, washing machine, garment) breaks too soon considering its normal duration or service life.

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