Registered travel organisers must report regularly to the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority (FCCA).

To submit these reports, organisers entered in the Travel Guarantee Register can use the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority’s electronic reporting system, VALMA.

For information security reasons, the FCCA recommends that travel organisers use VALMA to submit their data.

Registered travel organisers submit to the FCCA estimates of their future revenue

  • at least once a year
  • immediately if there is a risk of exceeding the deposited security. Organisers should instruct their accountants to monitor the incoming cash flow from travel packages to ensure that the security is not exceeded.

All registered organisers must, at the latest four months after the end of the financial year, submit to the FCCA

  • actual figures of the financial year, and
  • their financial statement data.

Under the Finnish Auditing Act (1141/2015), travel organisers subject to the statutory audit obligation must also submit an audit report.

Reporting by travel organisers with forms

These forms are an alternative way of reporting if Valma is disabled. The forms should be submitted either by post or e-mail.


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