Security templates for financial institutions

The financial institution submits the security required of the organiser to the FCCA. The security may be either a guarantee or a pledge. The organiser agrees on the form of the security with the financial institution. The financial institution must use the security templates (models) approved by the FCCA.

The original security must be submitted to the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority by the deadline specified by the FCCA in its decision concerning the security.

Missing the deadline will automatically result in an ‘insufficient security’ entry in the Travel Guarantee Register for the organiser in question.

The financial institution must have the right to engage in financing activities and be domiciled in the European Economic Area.

Security templates

The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority only accepts securities provided on these templates.

  • No modifications may be made to the templates.
  • Financial institutions may not add their additional conditions to the templates.

In addition to the security, information on the signatories’ right to sign must be given to the FCCA.

If the security provider is established in another EU / EEA country, an investigation must be submitted from the relevant authority in the country of establishment on the right of a foreign financial institution to engage in financing activities.

Mailing address: Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority
P.O. Box 5
00531 Helsinki

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