As a travel organiser, you must deposit a security if you meet one of the following criteria

  • you collect booking fees and/or final payments for travel packages in advance
  • the travel time is over 24 hours or the package includes overnight accommodation
  • the travel package includes transport
  • you sell gift vouchers entitling the holder to purchase a travel package
  • you operate as a retailer for an organiser established outside the EU/EEA.

Instructions on how to register a company

This is how you enter a company in the FCCA’s Travel Guarantee Register

1. Pay the EUR 150 registration fee

IBAN: FI2981299710012469

IBAN: FI3518043000015255

2. The following documents are required for registration

Companies (public limited company, limited partnership, general partnership, registered association) and cooperatives should submit the following attachments:

  • Receipt of registration fee payment
  • Extract from the Trade Register (no older than one month)
  • Articles of Association

Private traders (Tmi) should submit the following attachments:

3. Registration

Registration of a company can be performed by the following persons:

  • An authorised signatory
  • A person who, on behalf of the company, has a e-Authorization to carry out securities-related affairs concerning providers of combined travel services (Guarantee services for travel combination providers)

Registered organisers are charged an annual supervision and insolvency protection fee from the year of registration on.
Supervision fees

The processing time of the application is two to six weeks*.

No acknowledgement of receipt referred to in the Act on the Provision of Services (1166/2009) will be sent to the service provider, as the registration decision will be made within approximately two weeks after the security required for registration has been received.

You can speed up the processing of your registration by ensuring that all the necessary information and attachments are included in the application. The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority will contact the organiser about the amount of the security.

4. Providing a security and further actions

When the organiser has received a decision on the security, they should arrange a security with the financial institution of their choice. The financial institution should use one of the security templates approved by the FCCA.

Registered organisers report on their operation to the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority at least once a year and whenever the FCCA considers reporting necessary.

Reporting instructions for registered organisers

5. Organiser’s responsibility for the performance of a travel service combination

The service provider is responsible for the entire travel package, including

  • transport
  • additional services, and
  • accommodation.

This responsibility cannot be transferred to subcontractors participating in the performance, for example

  • a transport company
  • an accommodation provider, or
  • another travel agency.

Before the contract on a travel package is concluded, the organiser must provide the traveller with the information required under the Ministry of Justice Decree:

  • information on traveller’s rights
  • standard information form annexed to the Decree, and
  • information about the following:
    • travel organiser
    • retailer
    • main features of the travel services provided
    • total price of the package, any additional costs and terms of payment
    • the required minimum number of travellers and the consequences if the minimum number of travellers is not met by the deadline
      travel documents
    • traveller’s right to cancel the contract before the start of the travel package
    • mandatory or voluntary travel insurance

The traveller must additionally be given, when concluding the contract on the travel package or afterwards without undue delay

  • a copy of the contract, or
  • contract confirmation in a permanent form.

The contract on a travel package or the contract confirmation must include the information required under the Ministry of Justice Decree listed above.