Associations as travel organisers

The scope of the Act on Travel Service Combinations does not include travel packages offered to a limited group of travellers, occasionally and not for profit. For example, such trips can be offered to their members by associations and organisations school classes, and sports clubs. 

The Act on Travel Service Combinations does not apply to an association operating as a travel organiser when the following criteria are fulfilled

  • clearly restricted membership
  • the travel packages are relevant to the association’s activities
  • the purpose of offering travel packages is not financial gain for the association or its members
  • no profit margin is added to the price of the trip
  • marketing relies exclusively on limited distribution, such as newsletters to members
  • travel packages are offered no more than a few times a year

The Act on Travel Service Combinations may apply to an association as travel organiser if one of the following criteria is fulfilled

  • membership is open or unrestricted
  • the trips are not relevant to the actual purpose of the association
  • the travel package is marketed by such means as a newspaper advertisement or Internet advertising, with no requirement of membership
  • the association plans and organises a travel package and then looks for travellers by advertising to the general public
  • the price of the trip includes a profit margin in addition to the actual costs

If an association as an operator falls within the scope of the Act on Combined Travel Services, it must

  • register with the Travel Guarantee Register, and
  • deposit a security to protect the advance payments it takes.

Whether or not an association falls within the scope of the Act is assessed on a case-by-case basis.